Magic Served Up Every Day in Paradise...

I could describe it all for you; and i would, eloquently, from my heart.  I'd close my eyes; and paint the picture i envision; of a beautiful passionate journey as it unfolds before me. An exquisite expression of shared intimacy as it ebbs and flows with grace, an uninhibited weaving...deeply touching my heart to yours, yours to mine.

The reality of our encounter will be fresh, inimitable and extraordinary in its own special way. We will both be touched and altered; softened a little around the edges: all in all-made better by nature of the time spent together.

No one comes to see me by accident. Whether it be a subtle shift or a dramatic transformation, most clients experience a euphoric state of deep relaxation, and a quiet sense of harmony or balance restored in body-mind and spirit. If you intend to schedule some time with me, you might simply ask yourself what brings you to me, now? What transformation or spiritual epiphany will you take with you when you go?

Join me, here. We can create a perfect intimate interlude just for us. Step into my sanctuary where we will truly escape from this world for a time which seemingly will go on and on; to a place where pure love is the ultimate experience. I can take you there if you let me.

I regard all of the time we are privileged to share with the utmost respect and discretion. Thank you for taking the time to explore your interest. I am honored you came to visit, however briefly. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings to you and yours from the highest in me to the highest in you.

The Erotic Review